for users of Akai mpc1000&2500/SE -JJos2/XL




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What is JJChop?

This little utility was created as a result of the introduction of NDC wav files (Non Destrucive Chops) from os2 and os2XL developed by JJ for AKAI MPC1000 and 2500/SE.

I needed a chop exporter from MPC to midi format to get the swing in some rhytmic loops like Recycle does, and by this way I also avoided to have lots of sliced files on my hard drive.

News 28/12/15-JJChop2.3b *new feature added

-Read slices contained in wav files type JJ

News 09/09/14- JJChop2.02b *bugs fixed and new features added*

-zoom in/out with the mouseWheel

-save PGM, program to mpc

News 08/30/14- JJChop2.01b *bugs fixed and new features added*

-faster loading of files

-Listening to the wave using the right mouse button


if you like, just invite me a beer, thanks