Multiple choice spatial test 32

Paul Laurent © 2013 All rights reserved


MCST32 is a spatial, culture fair IQ test, requiring no special academic knowledge, just profound observation, logic and creativity.


The aim is measuring natural ability to detect spatial patterns and find existing relationships (analogies, sequences and associations) between elements or set of elements.


The test consists of 32 items of varied difficulty distributed into four answer sheets. Each item has six answer options. Answer sheets are editable 'pdf' files, where you have to choose (click with the mouse) one of the six available alternatives.


-Each item correctly resolved equals one point.
-Maximum possible score is 32 points.
-Incorrect answers are not penalized.
-You must answer all the items.

Scoring fee

-Correction fee: 15 € or 20 $ via paypal (paypal adress:
-Once corrected your answers, you will receive a score report containing your raw score, an estimation of your IQ, percentile and rarity on a 15 SD (e.g. Wechsler).


-Only one attempt is allowed!
-A minimum of 5 hours is recommended for the test’s completion.
-Read carefully Test taking information
-Send your answers and the identity verification and IQform to

MCST32 is accepted in the following HIQS

  1. MIQRO
  2. Ultima
  3. Grand
  4. ISI-S
  5. Global Genius Generation Group
  6. The High Intellect Society