High range IQ tests

tests designer Paul Laurent © 2007-2013. All rights reserved

These tests are meant to be taken individually and without a time limit. Generally, they are not culture specific and use spatial or numeric items. They are intended to measure the examinee's depth of thought in the absence of pressure from a stopwatch; therefore, their difficulty is high and so they require considerable motivation, observation, and reasoned analysis. Indeed, they are intended to discriminate accurately above an I.Q. of 140sd15 and without regard to the generally acknowledged validity of tests conducted by specialized psychologists. That said, it is not uncommon for persons who obtained certain scores on supervised tests to obtain similar results on the tests found here. It may be noted that one will not observe overly-generous norms, and it is unlikely one will easily obtain incredibly rare scores, but anyone can reasonably expect to receive an approximation of one's actual intellectual potential. Before one wishes to take a test, it is suggested that one reads the following notice: test taking information and inflation of IQ scores.