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Who I am

Hi all! I'm a software engineer, i like my job, but i LOVE board games, drawing and digital art. In order to learn about this issues, i have done my versions of many board games: some of them because they likes me, others because i thought that i could to improve their design, and others because i need to translate them to spanish for my only-spanish-spoken family, the people which i usually play.

Now, you can play in PC or Mac to the solitarie digital version of Feudalia, my first game (rules & design) that is going to be published by Homoludicus in Essen 2013!

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I have reinforcements! My brother Lin is working on color at some games. (credits on game pages)

Resources i've used

There is no doubt: the best game board site around the world is BoardGameGeek (or bgg). At this site i have found a lot of useful infomation for my games, about rulebooks, doubts, FAQs, contacts ... If something is not at bgg, probably it doesn't exist!

This site hosted the pictures for my games, rulebooks and others; the pictures at this site are links to the pictures at bgg pages. Also, for all games i included a link to the the original game in order to compare versions.

Other good site is the Club de Stratégie de Moissy-Cramayel. This site is in french, and have less games than bgg, but each game has a full rule explantion and a exhaustive image content list.

I draw by hand, at black & white. Then i scan the drawings and paint them with a little Wacom tablet. I work with Photoshop.


You can contact my by:

Please, don't email me in order to ask me for printed versions or original files; i do these versions TO LEARN, and i'm not going to harm any comercial interest.